The Best Bathroom Faucets

Finding a bathroom faucet that combines both design and functionality is not an easy task. To make this task easier,  we compared dozens of faucets available in the market and identified the latest and the best bathroom faucets for your needs.  

Our detailed analysis covers. brands, product features, and the unique aspects of all the top faucet models available.

Important Features to Consider Before Buying

While looks are important, one should examine factors like the installation type, material, and finishes when selecting a bathroom faucet.

Style: Typically the faucets available in the market belong to one of three styles: traditional, modern, and transitional. The last style is in between modern and traditional. The style you choose depends on your preferences.

Installation type: If replacing an old faucet, it is best not to meddle with the tested formula. It is always better to use the same type of installation to eliminate any leakage worries. If you’re installing a new sink or counter, you will have four types of faucets to choose from: center-set, widespread or spread-fit, single-hole, and wall-mounted.

Finishes: The finish of your faucet plays a pivotal role in lending a sense of harmony and symmetry to your bathroom. While finishes like chrome, brushed-chrome, brass, nickel, bronze, and black are sought-after in the traditional type of installation, brass and chrome are the most popular in the modern type of installation. The choice of finish depends on the style of faucet, so limited styles are available in each finish.

Quality: Product durability and warranties vary by manufacturer. A good warranty can give you lifetime cover against drips and leaks. Accidents like burns caused by abrupt change in water temperature can be avoided if you have a single-control faucet with a high-quality valve and a scald-guard feature.

We recommend the following 5 brands because they are affordable, easy to install and durable.

  1. Moen 6410BN: 
    • Convenient to use and meets the American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards

    • The two-lever handle allows easy water adjustments and delivers 1.2 gallons of water per minute

    • The product is backed by lifetime warranty 

    • Meets water sense criteria for water conservation

  2. Parlos 13651: 
    • Wide-spread double handle faucet that fits any distance between 6 and 12 inches 

    •  Easy to install with quick-connect fitting hose

    • Brushed nickel finish, stainless appearance, high on durability and reliability.

    • Cartridge is rigorously tested to ensure leak-free performance

  3. BWE 9233: 
    • Single-handle bathroom sink faucet compatible with 1 or 3 hole installation 

    • Standard 3/8-inch compression threads, easy-to-install hardware

    • Lever handle is designed for easy of use and regulating pressure and temperature

  4. Greenspring G-86135-ORB: 
    • Sturdy design, made of brass; 

    • Easy to install and ensures quality and durability 

    •  Single-handle style that can easily control water flow  and temperature

    • A transition style product with standard 3/8-inch compression threads

  5. Delta 567LF-PP: 
    • Chrome finish with single handle faucet that meets American Disabilities standards

    • Saves 20% more water than others 

    •  Backed by lifetime Delta warranty

    •  With crisp lines and bright whites, the look resembles vintage models