Best Toilet Brushes & Holders Comparisons and Specifications

Donald Trump Toilet Brush Bowl

Famous Toilet

  • ✔️Make your toilet great again! This high quality Trump toilet brush With the Holder will make your toilet clean like the white house and as a wise man once said: were going to drain the swamp in Washington DC
  • ✔️The reactions are priceless! This funny present is going to be a big hit with your friends Democrats or Republicans! a great White elephant gag gift that your friends, family and loved ones will love.. it looks so real you don't even have to tell them who it is (; just wait to see the look on their face's
  • ✔️Product size: 11 inches tall and 4 inches wide
  • ✔️Benefits: When people see it in your bathroom it's going to make a great conversation item! it's also a great creative gag gift for a white elephant, birthday, company gathering, political party, housewarming gifts that will make them laugh and remember your present! angry at Trump? next time you go to the bathroom you know what to do.
  • ✔️Product includes: 1 Donald trump figure toilet brush and 1 brush holder bowl.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT : 12 ounces
  • ITEM WEIGHT : 5.6 ounces
  • PACKAGE DIMENSIONS : 15.3 x 6 x 5.8 inches

mDesign Modern Slim Compact Freestanding Plastic Toilet Bowl Brush Cleaner and Plunger Combo Set Kit


  • 2-N-1 DESIGN: Toilet bowl brush and plunger in one convenient and compact format; Individual holders for each item provide simple and discreet storage; Keep floors clean and dry; Ideal for small spaces; Use this in main, guest and half bathrooms or powder rooms; Perfect for home, apartment, condos, dorm rooms, RVs, campers and cabins; Tucks neatly beside the toilet
  • DISCREET BOWL BRUSH STORAGE: Sturdy-bristled brush deep cleans hard to reach places for a sparkling bathroom; The brush sits in its own holder when it's not in use for discreet storage; If closet or cabinet space is limited, the holder keeps the brush head out of view; The tapered handle fits nicely in the hand and the round disc shields hands from splashes
  • DURABLE PLUNGER: Rubber plunger head creates a tight seal on toilets, bathtub and shower drains, and kitchen sinks to remove clogs; The plunger flange has a long and narrow profile specially designed to work more efficiently with modern toilets; The plunger features a smooth, ridge-free design for cleanliness; The tray captures any drips to keep floors dry and clean
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made of durable shatter-resistant plastic; Rubber plunger head; Easy to assemble, No tools required; Easy Care - clean with mild soap and water
  • THOUGHTFULLY SIZED: Measures 7.5" x 6" x 19" high
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT : 1.65 pounds
  • ITEM WEIGHT : 1.6 pounds
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 17.6 x 6 x 7.8 inches

Donald Trump Toilet Brush Cleaner Scrubber Set Funny Trump Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder

Great Home

  • STYLISH STORAGE: Donald Trump toilet brush with individual holder provides simple and discreet storage that keeps floors clean and dry; Tucks neatly beside the toilet; Non-skid, Stands up to daily use.
  • Make your toilet bowl great again by keeping it spick and span with this Trump toilet brush. Forty-five won’t disappoint as he puts his glorious golden faux-locks to work to drain that porcelain swamp.
  • Trump may appear useful when scrubbing the rim. The clean modern look works with any decor; Perfect for half and full baths, guest bathrooms, powder rooms; Use in home, apartment, condo, dorms, cabins, RVs and campers.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made from durable shatter-resistant plastic. Clean with mild soap and water. Your toilet is going to look so good folks, believe me.
  • Just Grab them by the handle...for those tough cleaning jobs.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT : 5.6 ounces
  • ITEM WEIGHT : 5.6 ounces
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 5.1 x 5.1 x 13.7 inches

Bravo Sport Donald Trump Toilet Brush Trump Toilet Scrubber

Bravo Sport

  • Donald trump toilet brush, make your toilet great again, commander in crap toilet brush
  • Package includes 1 Donald Trump Toilet Brush, 1 pair random color household gloves
  • Trump toilet brush measures 15 inch x 3.2 inch
  • Whether your laughing at him Or with him you sure to stir up conversation
  • Great funny gag gift for any white elephant, birthday, company gathering, political party, leave in hosts, restaurant, bathroom
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT : 5.9 ounces
  • ITEM WEIGHT : 5.9 ounces
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 15 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches

Sellemer Toilet Brush and Holder Set


  • 🚽TPR Environmentally friendly Material: The toilet brush is made of healthy and environmentally friendly TPR environmentally friendly silicone. The 360-degree thick brush head is strong and lint-free.
  • 🚽Upgraded Version of Flat Brush Head Design: What is the difference between the flat brush head after the upgrade? The flat brush head will have better toughness. It can not only bend freely but also better deepen the cleaning of the gap, which can help you better clean the position of the dead corner.
  • 🚽Sturdy and Durable PP Material Anti-rust Handle: the toilet brush handle is made of very strong and waterproof PP material. The handle can be completely connected without gaps, and there is no need to worry about the sewage entering the handle during the cleaning process. Also, you can stay away from the problem of rusting the handle.
  • 🚽Hanging Design Drain Toilet Brush Base: Our base is designed with hanging ventilation and ventilation. The purpose of this design is to make the wet toilet brush dry better, to keep the toilet brush base dry.
  • 🚽What are the benefits of the upgraded toilet brush? The upgraded brush head no longer accumulates dirt like a traditional toilet head. After you have used the toilet brush, you only need to put the toilet brush under the faucet and rinse it with water. You don't need to worry about the problem that the brush head will entangle a lot of hair. You don't have to worry about the problem that the brush head is prone to odor after a long time. This toilet brush can help you solve many problems.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT : 12.8 ounces
  • ITEM WEIGHT : 12.8 ounces
  • PACKAGE DIMENSIONS : 6.7 x 5.5 x 2.7 inches